Good Credit is the Building Block to Financial Freedom 

Let Us Help You 

You’re a person with a family, a job, or maybe even you run your own business.  But most importantly, you’re a person who is serious about making their time and money work for them, and achieving their goals.   

Did you know that more often than not, credit reports contain incorrect information that act as a major road blocks to achieving those goals?

But WE CAN work together so that YOUR CREDIT REPORT reflects how serious you are at achieving your goals.


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What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

Let Us Help You Find Out!

This is What We Do in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Clean Up the Past:
We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the negative report items that affect your credit score.
We start working on your file SAME DAY, if you enroll and complete the registration process before 1pm CST!
Step 2: Track Your Present:
​Easy access to your account 24/7 for live status updates on improvements on your credit reports and scores.​
Throughout our program, you will receive ongoing information on how to define what financial freedom means to you, and the information on how to create a freedom plan, and build your wealth mindset.  
Step 3: Change Your Future:
Once you join our family, you remain family! 
After we have maximized your score and teach you how to maintain your awesome credit, we will continue to provide you with resources to assist you on your path to financial freedom long after our work is done!     


Why Work With Us? 

  • You will work DIRECTLY with me – I am an experienced accounting professional with a Masters degree in Law.  I have over 20 years experience in banking and credit repair. 
  • A track record of proven RESULTS for our clients.
  • I have ONE pricing plan – all my clients get the same level of dedication and commitment!
  • We offer SAME DAY SERVICE if you enroll and complete registration by 1pm CST – we hit the ground running!
  • My company offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • I will be intimately involved with your credit repair experience.
  • I will be there for you every step of the way.
  • Credit education and correction is legal and the law is on your side. My team and I support you from start to finish through the entire process.
  • Our fees are reasonable and there are NO long binding contracts. 

100% Guarantee, Cancellation & Return Policy

You are entitled to a 100% refund on all payments and fees, if:

  • We have not removed any negative reporting we worked on.
  • You have had four months from the time you retain our services.
  • You agree to send correspondence received from the three credit bureaus to us within 3 days of receipt.

​You may cancel services at any time. Please notify us in writing 3 days before the next billing period.



Our Services Include:

  • Working directly with an experienced accountant. 
  • Personalized Dispute Options to Fit Your Exact Credit Repair Needs.
  • Ongoing credit and wealth mindset education.
  • Custom Dispute Letters Submitted On Your Behalf.
  • Access to Your Case Status and Updated Information – 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week.

Your Uniquely Customized Approach

Working Directly with an experienced professional

Unlimited, Real-Time Information Access



We guarantee results
or your money back!